Primary Cell Isolation and Culture Services

With extensive experience in isolating and culturing primary cells from various tissues and organs, Creative Bioarray can provide a wide range of primary cells to be used as more biologically relevant tools in your research. We can offer customized services upon the requests of our customers.

About Primary Cells

Primary cells refers to the cells that are directly isolated from living tissues. They can be cultured in an artificial environment and established for growth in vitro. Primary cells can be isolated from most tissues and organs, such as brain, colon, bone, blood vessel, heart, epithelium, connective tissue, muscle tissue and nervous tissue. However, there are differences in growth rate, isolation method and culture difficulty among different primary cells.

Compared with the continuous cell lines, primary cells are most closely to the tissue of origin, thus are more representative models to the in vivo state. However, they have limited life span and are more difficult to culture in vitro.

Applications of Primary Cells

Primary cells can retain normal morphology, growth characteristics, cellular markers, functions, and genetic integrity. Therefore, they are widely used in molecular biology, cell biology and biomedical basic research, such as proteomics, genomics, cell research, and genetic research. Not only that, they are also ideal cell models used in biopharmaceutics, such as the study of disease mechanisms, drug screening, drug metabolism, toxicology research, cancer drug research, and therapeutic development.

Primary cells can provide excellent models to study the effects of drugs and toxic compounds. Primary cells from different species can be used to varify the potential differences between species used in preclinical trials and the accuracy of extrapolating human data from animal models.

Schematic representation of the process of primary tumor cell line establishment.Figure 1. Schematic representation of the process of primary tumor cell line establishment. (Mitra, A., et al., 2013)

Primary Cell Isolation Services

The methods used to isolate primary cells mainly include mechanical isolation, enzyme digestion, magnetic isolation and density gradient separation. We have extensive experience in isolating primary cells from multiple tissues using appropriate methods. We can isolate the desired cell type and prepare ready-to-use cells with low passage number for our customers. The isolated primary cells will be fully tested and authenticated to ensure purity.

We have successfully isolated primary cells from multiple species, such as human, bovine, chicken, dog, hamster, horse, monkey, mouse, porcine, rabbit, rat and some other animals. We are capable of isolating various primary cell types from different tissues, including but not limited to the following:

Adipose Cells Dermal Cells Lymphatic Cells Renal Cells
Blood Cells Epidermal Cells Mammary Cells Reproductive System Cells
Bladder Cells Esophagus Cells Nervous Cells Skeletal Cells
Bone and Cartilage Cells Gallbladder Cells Ocular Cells Skin Cells
Bone Marrow Cells Gastrointestinal Cells Oral Cells Spleen Cells
Brain Cells Hair Cells Pancreatic Cells Stem Cells
Bronchial/Tracheal Cells Hepatic Cells Placenta Cells Tumor Cells
Cardiac Cells Immune Cells Prostate Cells Thyroid Cells
Colon Cells Keratinocytes Pulmonary Cells Other Cells

Primary Cell Culture Services

Primary cells require harsh and optimized growth conditions. They usually need additional specific cytokines and growth factors to maintain growth and subculture in vitro. Some kinds of primary cells are suitable for adherent culture, while others are suitable for suspension culture.

We have the ability to customize the best strategies of primary cell culture and establish mature protocols for further studies. The isolated primary cells will undergo a series of comprehensive and rigorous tests to ensure the purity. Cell growth and cell confluency will also be closely monitored to ensure the optimal characteristics of isolated cells.

Creative Bioarray provides a comprehensive solution to help our customers obtain primary cells to meet their needs. Our services have the advantages of fast turnaround time and competitive price. We can also provide cell immortalization services to help you solve the problem of limited lifespan and culture difficulty of primary cells.

If you are interested in our services or have any special needs, please feel free to contact us. You are welcome to inquiry at any time.


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