Medium 199

Medium 199 was originally developed for nutritional studies of chicken embryo fibroblasts. It has broad species applicability, especially for the culture of non-transformed cells.

Medium 199

Compared to other basal media, Creative Bioarray's Medium 199 contains unique ingredients including adenine, adenosine, hypoxanthine, thymine and other vitamins. Our medium can also be used with serum for the growth of many cell types, including untransformed human, monkey, and chicken cells. In addition, our Medium 199 can be used with Earle salt in a CO2 incubator or with Hanks salt for use in the absence of CO2. We offer a variety of supplements for Medium 199 to meet your different needs.

Our Medium 199 is widely used in virology, primary cell culture, and vaccine production.

In virology, our Medium 199 is commonly used for the maintenance and proliferation of viral cultures and can provide sufficient nutrients and environment to support virus proliferation. Our Medium 199 can also be used in studies of viral multiplication and viral infection. In addition, our Medium 199 can support the growth, development, and proliferation of primary mouse pancreatic epithelium and rat lens tissue explants while maintaining the properties of primary cells. In vaccine production, our Medium 199 is commonly used to produce viruses. These viruses are grown and proliferated in culture media, and then collected and purified to prepare vaccines.

Creative Bioarray's Medium 199 is manufactured in compliance with GMP requirements for the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of liquid and powdered tissue culture media, sera, and reagents, and is available for use in cell culture research, industrial bioprocessing, and related markets.

For research use only. Not for any other purpose.




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