Chemokines are a class of secreted proteins that promote cell movement and targeted chemotaxis. They play an important biological role in the organism and are involved in physiological and pathological processes such as immunity, inflammation, angiogenesis, and organ development. Common types of chemokines include chemotactic agents, chemotactic inhibitors, and chemotactic receptors, whose interactions and regulation are essential for normal physiological function and pathogenesis.


Creative Bioarray has developed a line of GMP grade and research grade chemokines. These products are available in a variety of classes and labels and are highly pure, structurally homogeneous, and active. Our recombinant chemokine family proteins can accelerate your scientific research and drug development programs.

Our chemokines can be used for the following studies

  • Cell migration and invasion studies: Chemokines can direct cells to migrate and invade in specific directions, and can therefore be used to study the role of chemokines during cell migration and invasion.
  • Tumor biology studies: Tumor cells can secrete and be influenced by chemokines, thus participating in the process of tumorigenesis and progression. Therefore, our chemokines can be used in tumor biology studies.
  • Immunological studies: Chemokines can direct immune cells towards sites such as infections or wounds, thus assisting the body in defending against pathogens. Thus, our chemokines can be used to understand the function of immune cells.
  • Drug screening studies: Chemokines and their receptors have emerged as potential drug targets. Our chemokine products can be used in drug screening studies to find compounds with therapeutic potential.

Why Choose Our Chemokines?

  • High purity and stability: Our chemokine products are typically prepared using recombinant or extraction techniques, providing high purity and stability for easy storage and transportation.
  • High effectiveness: Our chemokines are highly effective due to their ability to rapidly attract and activate specific types of immune cells.
  • High biological activity: Our chemokines are highly biologically active, stimulating immune cells to enter tissues and seek out pathogens.
  • Wide range of applications: Our chemokine products can be used in areas such as biopharmaceutical and biomedical research.
  • High safety: Our chemokine products are usually strictly tested and confirmed for their safety.
Product Code Product Name Source Price
G-GFC0008 GMP Human CCL2, His tag HEK293 Online Inquiry
G-GFC0009 GMP Human CCL5, Fc tag HEK293 Online Inquiry
G-GFC0013 GMP Human CXCL1, His tag HEK293 Online Inquiry
GFC0008 Human CCL19 E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0009 Human CCL2 E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0010 Mouse CCL3 E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0011 Human CCL4 E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0012 Mouse CCL4 E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0013 Human CCL5 E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0030 Human CX3CL1 CHO Online Inquiry
For research use only. Not for any other purpose.




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