MDBK Cell Culture Media

MDBK (Madin-Darby bovine kidney) cells are a cell line originally derived from the kidney tissue of calves and are commonly used for various research and applications such as virus research, vaccine production, and diagnostic test development. MDBK cell medium is a specialized cell culture medium for culturing MDBK cells.

MDBK Cell Culture Media

Creative Bioarray provides suitable MDBK cell culture media for researchers and biotechnology companies studying viruses and developing new therapies and vaccines. Our MDBK cell culture media contains a mixture of growth factors, nutrients, and supplements that provide the necessary nutrition and support for cell growth and survival.

Our MDBK cell culture media has a wide range of applications in research and biotechnology, including

  • Viral vaccine production: Our MDBK cell culture media can be used to support MDBK cells for vaccine production. MDBK cells can be used to grow large amounts of viruses, which can then be harvested and purified for use in vaccines.
  • Viral antigen production: Our MDBK cell culture media can be used to support MDBK cells for diagnostic and research purposes. Cells are infected with viruses of interest and then used to produce large amounts of viral antigens for further research.
  • Viral research: Our MDBK cell culture medium can be used to support MDBK cells for virological research to study viral pathogenesis and to develop new antiviral therapies. Cells can be infected by different viruses to study their replication cycle, host response, and interaction with the immune system.
  • Cell line maintenance: Our MDBK cell medium can be used to support MDBK cells for the maintenance of cell lines in culture. MDBK cells are often used as a feeder layer to support the growth of other cell types, such as human embryonic stem cells.
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