Other Classic Media

Creative Bioarray offers serum-free media commonly used in cell culture that provide cells with all the nutrients they need to grow. They are suitable for research and applications in the fields of cell biology, immunology, oncology, and medicine. Our classic media all have their own characteristics and range of adaptations, and the specific application will require a selection based on your experimental needs.

Other Classic Media

Our basal medium Eagle is a widely used synthetic basal medium suitable for supporting the growth of many types of mammalian cells, such as WI-38 and MRC-5.

Our GMEM is widely used in basic cell culture research and production. It is a serum-free medium suitable for culturing a wide range of mammalian cells. Our GMEM contains essential amino acids, sugars, vitamins, trace elements, and other nutrients to provide all the nutrients needed for proper cell growth.

Our McCoy's 5A medium is a universal medium that supports the proliferation of many types of primary cells, established cell lines, and explants from biopsied tissues. This medium supports the growth of primary mammalian cells derived from normal bone marrow, skin, spleen, kidney, lung, rat embryos, and other tissues.

Why Choose Our Culture Media?

  • Wide applicability: Our classic medium is suitable for many different types of cells, including human and animal, etc.
  • Good adjustability: Almost all growth factors, peptones, and other substances in our classic medium can be added or adjusted according to your needs, and these adjustments can control cell growth and proliferation well.
  • High stability: Our medium has high stability, which can better maintain the consistency and quality of the medium and thus improve the efficiency of cell culture.
  • Professional technical support: We provide professional technical support and services to help our customers get better support and guidance in all aspects of cell culture.
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