Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF)

Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) is a diverse protein hormone that is secreted by mesenchymal cells and has biological effects on many cells. HGF binds to its high-affinity receptor c-Met and plays an important role in hepatocyte growth, motility, proliferation, differentiation, and cellular adaptation. HGF's ability to stimulate mitosis, cell motility, and stromal invasion gives it a central role in angiogenesis, HGF plays a central role in angiogenesis, tumorigenesis, and tissue regeneration. In addition, HGF has been associated with a variety of cancers, including lung, pancreatic, thyroid, colon, and breast cancers.

Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF)

Creative Bioarray offers GMP grade and research grade HGF. Our HGF has a wide range of promising applications and has important roles in cell biology, histology, and pharmacology.

  • Cell biology: HGF has the ability to promote cell proliferation and migration, and can be used as a promoter of in vitro cell culture to increase the rate of cell growth and division, promote cell proliferation, differentiation, and regeneration, and facilitate experiments such as high-throughput screening.
  • Histology: HGF can be used for regeneration and repair of various tissues and organs, especially important for liver repair and regeneration. hGF can also be used for the treatment of ischemia-reperfusion injury in stem cells/grafts.
  • Pharmacology: HGF is mostly used in preclinical drug research as an important therapeutic target. In anticancer therapy, HGF can be used to predict drug efficacy and prognosis and to regulate tumor invasion and metastasis. Meanwhile, HGF has potential applications in drug research in many fields such as cardiovascular system, nervous system, and immune system.

Applications of Our HGF

  • HPLC
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Functional Studies
  • Cell Culture
Product Code Product Name Source Price
GFC0021 Human CSF2 CHO Online Inquiry
GFC0022 Human CSF2 E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0023 Human CSF2, animal component-free E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0061 Human HGF CHO Online Inquiry
GFC0217 Human CSF2 HEK293 Online Inquiry
GFC0218 Human CSF2RA, His tag HEK293 Online Inquiry
GFC0219 Human CSF2RA, Fc tag HEK293 Online Inquiry
GFC0271 Human HGF, His tag HEK293 Online Inquiry
GFC0272 Human HGF, Fc tag HEK293 Online Inquiry
GFC0444 Human MET, His tag HEK293 Online Inquiry
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