Diploid Cell Reduced Serum Media

Diploid cells are cells that have two sets of chromosomes and are derived from normal animal or human tissues. Diploid cells are also commonly used in biomedical research, especially in developing vaccines and studying genetic diseases. Researchers can grow diploid cells in the laboratory and use these cells to study the behavior of genes and chromosomes, as well as to propagate certain types of viruses.

Diploid Cell Reduced Serum Media

Creative Bioarray's diploid cell reduced serum medium is a medium specifically designed for culturing diploid cells with a reduced amount of fetal bovine serum (FBS) compared to regular cell culture media. The reduced concentration of FBS in the medium helps to minimize serum-induced variability in cell growth and function. Our diploid cell reduced serum medium is a valuable tool for researchers who wish to maintain the natural characteristics of diploid cells while minimizing the negative effects of serum on cell growth and function.

Some applications for our diploid cell reduced serum media include:

  • Vaccine development: Our diploid cell reduced serum medium is widely used in vaccine development to support the growth of various viral strains and produce large quantities of viral particles while maintaining their antigenicity. For example, polio and influenza vaccines are propagated in diploid cells.
  • Genetic studies: Our diploid cell reduced serum medium is commonly used to study genetic disorders, including chromosomal abnormalities and mutations. These studies often involve analyzing the behavior of chromosomes or the expression of specific genes in diploid cells.
  • Drug discovery and development: Our diploid reduced serum media help screen drugs and compounds for potential toxicity, especially in cases where the effects of serum components on cell growth and behavior may interfere with the results.
  • Cell Biology: Our diploid reduced serum medium is used for general culture of the diploid cells in a more controlled environment to study normal cell behavior, regulation, and function.
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