DMEM/F-12 - Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium: Nutrient Mixture F-12

DMEM/F-12 is a nutrient-rich medium containing a variety of amino acids, vitamins, glucose, salts, and growth factors to support cell growth and proliferation. The combination of DMEM and F-12 provides a balanced nutritional profile that supports the growth of adherent and suspension cells. DMEM/F-12 is often used for the growth and maintenance of primary cells and cell lines from a variety of tissues, including lung, kidney, and mammary glands. It is also commonly used for the expansion of stem cells and the propagation of cells that are difficult to grow in other media.

DMEM/F-12 - Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium: Nutrient Mixture F-12

Creative Bioarray's DMEM/F-12 is a versatile, nutrient-rich cell culture medium that combines two widely used media, DMEM and F-12. Its balanced nutritional profile and versatility make it ideal for culturing a wide range of cell types, including primary cells, cell lines, and stem cells. Our DMEM/F-12 is available in several different formulations, including high and low glucose, with or without phenol red, with or without added supplements such as fetal bovine serum (FBS), or hormones such as insulin.

Our DMEM/F-12 is a widely used cell culture medium that has many applications in biomedical research and biotechnology.

  • Stem cell culture: Our DMEM/F-12 is often used for the expansion and maintenance of stem cells, including embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells. It provides the essential nutrients and growth factors required for stem cell growth and differentiation.
  • Tissue Engineering: Our DMEM/F-12 is widely used in tissue engineering applications to grow and differentiate cells that repair and regenerate damaged tissue. It provides the essential nutrients and growth factors required for the growth and differentiation of cells, including mesenchymal stem cells.
  • Cancer Research: Our DMEM/F-12 is also used in cancer research to grow and maintain cancer cell lines from a variety of tumor types. It can also be used to culture primary cancer cells isolated from patient samples to study cancer biology and design personalized cancer therapies.
  • Biomanufacturing: Our DMEM/F-12 is used in the biomanufacturing industry for the production of therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and other biologics. Our DMEM/F-12 is used to grow cell lines that are designed to express the desired protein of interest, which are then isolated and purified to produce the desired biological product.
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