BHK-21 Cell Reduced Serum Media

BHK-21 cell serum reduced medium is a specialized cell culture medium designed for the growth and maintenance of BHK-21 cells, a cell line commonly used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

BHK-21 Cell Reduced Serum Media

Creative Bioarray's BHK-21 cell serum reduced medium is specifically designed to support the growth and propagation of BHK-21 cells while reducing the concentration of serum typically used in cell culture media. The use of our BHK-21 cell serum reduced medium improves cell viability and growth, reduces serum interference, improves cell culture consistency and reproducibility, reduces costs, and minimizes the risk of contamination.

Creative Bioarray is dedicated to providing efficient media for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to produce high-quality viral vectors or antigens for applications such as vaccine development. Our BHK-21 Cell Reduction Serum Medium has a wide range of applications in various biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications. The following are some of the key applications:

  • Vaccine Production: BHK-21 cells are commonly used for the growth and replication of viruses in vaccine production. Our BHK-21 cell reduced serum medium is used in this process to provide a suitable environment for virus replication and growth while minimizing interference from serum proteins.
  • Viral vector production: BHK-21 cells are commonly used to produce viral vectors for gene therapy and vaccines. In this process, our reduced serum medium for BHK-21 cells can be used to maintain cell viability and support vector production.
  • Bioprocess optimization: Our reduced serum medium for BHK-21 cells can be used to optimize the bioprocess for virus and vector production.
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