RPMI-1640 Medium

RPMI-1640 medium is a complex mixture of amino acids, vitamins, salts, and other nutrients that are essential for cell growth and proliferation. One of the main features of RPMI-1640 medium is its nutritional balance, which is similar to that of human blood. This makes it particularly useful for the growth of certain types of cells, such as lymphocytes.

RPMI-1640 Medium

Creative Bioarray's RPMI-1640 medium is commonly used in the laboratory to culture a variety of mammalian cells, including primary cells, immortalized cells, and tumor cell lines. It can support the growth of many types of cells, including lymphocytes, hybridoma cells, and some human cancer cell lines. Our RPMI-1640 medium is compatible with both serum-supplemented and serum-free conditions, making it a versatile choice for many different types of cell culture applications.

Our RPMI-1640 medium has many applications in various areas of biomedical research, including Cytogenetics: Our RPMI-1640 medium can be used in cytogenetic studies to culture lymphocytes for chromosome analysis.

  • Cancer Research: Our RPMI-1640 medium is used in cancer research to culture a range of human cancer cell lines. By culturing these cells in our RPMI-1640 medium, you can study the biology of cancer cells and test potential cancer therapies.
  • Drug sensitivity testing: Our RPMI-1640 medium is often used for drug sensitivity testing of cancer cells. By comparing the response of cells cultured in RPMI-1640 medium to cells exposed to a particular drug, you can determine the sensitivity of cancer cells to different treatments.
  • Hybridoma Production: Our RPMI-1640 medium is often used to culture hybridoma cells, which are used to produce monoclonal antibodies. By providing a suitable environment for the growth and division of hybridoma cells, RPMI-1640 medium can support the production of large numbers of monoclonal antibodies.
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