CHO Cell Culture Media

Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cell Medium is a cell culture medium used for the growth and maintenance of CHO cells, which are widely used in biopharmaceutical research and production. CHO cells are commonly used for the production of therapeutic proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, hormones, and growth factors.

CHO Cell Culture Media

CHO cell culture media is a complex mixture of nutrients, growth factors, and other supplements. Creative Bioarray aims to provide you with the right CHO cell culture media to support the growth and maintenance of CHO cells. Our media can be divided into two main categories: basal media and supplemental media. Basal media usually contain basic nutrients such as amino acids, glucose, and vitamins required for cell growth. On the other hand, supplemental media contain additional factors needed to support specific cell functions, such as growth factors, serum, and antibiotics.

Creative Bioarray's CHO cell culture media can be customized to meet your specific research and production needs. Different types of media can be optimized for cell growth rate, productivity, and product quality. For example, serum-free media can be used to reduce contamination risk and improve protein quality, while chemically defined media can be used to increase cell growth rate and productivity.

Why Choose Our CHO Cell Culture Media?

  • Strict Quality Control: Our CHO cell culture media are manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure consistent and reproducible results.
  • Serum-free and chemically defined: Serum-free and chemically defined media reduce the risk of contamination and improve product quality compared to serum-containing media.
  • Technical support: We have expertise in CHO cell culture and are committed to providing technical support for all of our products.
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