ST Cell Culture Media

ST cell culture medium is a cell culture medium specifically designed to grow and maintain ST (swine testis) cells in vitro. ST cells are commonly used in virology research, vaccine production, and toxicity testing.

ST Cell Culture Media

Creative Bioarray is committed to providing you with high-quality and cost-effective ST cell culture media. We can provide media specifically designed for the growth and maintenance of ST cells according to your research objectives, which will ensure optimal conditions for cell growth and function. In addition, our media contain high-quality components to ensure consistent, reliable, and reproducible experimental results.

Our ST cell culture medium is a valuable tool for researchers and biotechnology companies to study viruses, develop new therapies and vaccines, and evaluate the toxicity of various agents. Some applications of our ST cell culture medium include:

  • Virus research: Our ST cell cultures can be used to support the use of ST cells for virology research to study viral pathogenesis and develop new antiviral therapies. Cells can be infected with different viruses to study their replication cycle, host response, and interaction with the immune system.
  • Vaccine production: Our ST cell culture media can be used to support the use of ST cells for the production of certain vaccines, such as live attenuated vaccines for porcine diseases. These cells are used to culture viruses, which are then harvested and purified for use in vaccines.
  • Toxicity testing: Our ST cell culture media can be used to support the use of ST cells for toxicity testing to assess the effects of different drugs, chemicals, and environmental toxins on cellular processes and viability.
  • Gene expression analysis: Our ST cell culture media can be used to support ST cells for gene expression analysis to study the expression of specific genes and to study the molecular mechanisms of various cellular processes.
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