In Vivo Verification Services

Creative Bioarray provides cell transplantation animal model construction services for tumor mechanism research. We can provide customers with solutions to successfully construct cell transplantation models. The animals currently receiving these services are nude mice. Since the information value of the animal model produced by cell transplantation depends on the transplanted cells and non-cellular components, we have established a mature test protocol to ensure the maximum use of customer cell samples. Provide you with a cell transplantation solution with a fast turnaround cycle and subsequent sample analysis.

In Vivo Modeling of Human Cancers

Cell models and animal models of human cancer have played an important role in understanding the mechanism of tumorigenesis, conducting related research, and expanding the understanding of tumor biology. Diseases such as tumors are highly heterogeneous and individualized. Mechanism research in cell models usually requires cell models, animal models, and in vivo verification. Cell transplantation models are of great significance to the study of some basic molecular mechanism problems. Animal models are often used to study human diseases. For example, the use of animal models in cancer research can help us understand the genetic basis of cancer and the role of specific genes and gene mutations in the occurrence and development of cancer. Animal models make it possible to discover and verify drug targets and biomarkers. In the process of seeking to understand and treat multiple cancer types, the development of many genetic engineering and single-cell "omics" technologies has provided great potential for improving the information value of preclinical models.

Two commonly used classification methods of cancer animal models.Fig 1. Two commonly used classification methods of cancer animal models. (Li Z, et al. 2021).

Nude Mice Tumorigenesis Services

Our cell transplantation service can be carried out for some specific small animal models, including mouse tumor formation experiments and in vivo verification of modified cell functions. We have a comprehensive animal experiment platform that can realize microinjection, nude mouse tumor model construction, and so on. Customers can submit constructed modified cells or entrust us to construct modified cells. After obtaining the modified cells, we will help customers complete the construction of animal tumor models, and complete the sample collection and analysis steps after the model is formed. In addition, we also provide customers with some optional animal health data collection services during the modeling period. We provide nude mouse tumor formation services for more than 20 types of immortalized cells (genetically modified), including HepG2, HT-29, SKOV3, HeLa, etc. You can choose our details at the same time. This service includes all processes from cell injection, tissue sample collection to the detection of substances in blood/tissue fluid after transplantation. Our histology and molecular biology experimental platform can complete the histological analysis of samples and the analysis of gene and protein expression.

The core element of in vivo verification services. Fig 2. The core element of in vivo verification services.

Creative Bioarray provides cell transplantation animal model construction services based on recipient animals (nude mice). Through our optimized test protocol, we provide customers with efficient solutions for the construction of animal models for in vivo verification. You will benefit from our technical services. We have rich experience and knowledge in the efficient use of cells to build animal models. If you are interested in our cell transplantation and in vivo verification services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


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