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Creative Bioarray is a proven biological and medical-related scientific research service provider. Our exosome service provides a comprehensive exosome analysis service solution. The service items cover the popular hot spots of exosome analysis. Our purpose is to help customers plan the sample and analysis process.

The Development of Exosomes Research

Exosomes with a diameter of about 30-150nm are bio-nano-scale spherical lipid bilayer vesicles secreted by cells, containing a variety of biological molecules, such as nucleic acids, proteins, lipids, cytokines, transcription factor receptors, and other biologically active substances. Exosomes are heterogeneous. For example, the protein component of exosomes contains common components and specific components. Specific protein components are closely related to their progenitor cells and have cell specificity. With the deepening of exosomes research, their applications are becoming more and more extensive. Exosomes can play a role in physiological and pathological processes, acting as a medium for communication and material exchange between cells. At the same time, exosomes can transport a variety of biologically active substances and components that are easily inactivated or easily degraded through a variety of routes and sites, and transport them safely. Exosomes are derived from cells through exocytosis, are taken up by target cells, and can transmit biological signals between local or distant cells. The secretion process of exosomes participates in the physiological and pathological processes and determines the surface molecules and content of exosomes. Therefore, exosomes can be used as biomarkers, vaccines, and drug carriers, and can be modified reasonably for therapeutic intervention. Exosomes composition analysis and high-throughput omics analysis help researchers explore the great biological and medical value of exosomes.

Fig 1. Structural composition of exosomes. (Yang X X, et al. 2019)Fig 1. Structural composition of exosomes. (Yang X X, et al. 2019)

Exosomes Analysis Technical Services

Exosomes contribute to basic physiological processes, such as neuronal communication, antigen presentation, immune response, organ development, etc. They are also involved in some pathological diseases, including cancer progression, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation, and even contribute to viral infections. Given that exosomes can carry toxic and damaged forms of aggregated proteins, these proteins are destined to be destroyed, and they are also involved in the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. The secretion of exosomes is a naturally occurring process, and cell stress and activation signals can regulate related processes. The distribution of exosomes is extensive and can be found in many types of extracellular fluids, such as blood, urine, amniotic fluid, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, and even breast milk. Therefore, the size of exosomes and the heterogeneity of cargo can reflect the state and type of cells of origin to a certain extent.

Our exosome analysis technology service includes six parts: isolation and purification of exosomes from samples, characterization of exosomes in samples, visualization of exosomes, RNA sequencing and analysis of exosomes, proteomics and lipidomics services of exosomes, and functional verification services of exosomes. These services can cover most of the current hot spots in exosomes research. Customers can choose one or more of these services. Our exosomes analysis experimental platform has a variety of advanced equipment and technologies, such as various types of fluorescence microscopes, electron microscopes, sequencing platforms, mass spectrometry platforms, etc. With rich technical service experience and exosomes expertise, we can help customers develop the most advantageous exosomes analysis solutions.

You will benefit from our exosomes expertise and experienced team of scientists to provide you with one-stop exosomes analysis technical services. If you are interested in our services, please contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


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