Exosomal RNA Sequencing Services

Advanced sequencing analysis of exosomal RNA (exoRNA) can be used to screen potential biological targets, help researchers understand the associated biological events of exosomes, and develop new therapeutic targets. We have established a mature agreement and can provide sequencing solutions with fast turnaround time according to your needs.

About Exosomal RNA

Depending on the cells/tissues of origin, exosomes have many different roles and functions, such as inflammation, morphogen transporters produce polarity during development and differentiation, and mediate non-targeting effects of ionizing radiation. Studies have shown that exosomes not only specifically target recipient cells to exchange proteins and lipids or trigger downstream signal events, but also deliver specific nucleic acid cargo (exoRNA) for cell communication purposes. These exoRNA molecules contain coding and non-coding sequences (long non-coding RNA, small RNA, etc.) that can be used as potential diagnostic biomarkers in "precision medicine". In view of the attractive research value of exoRNA, it is necessary to extract exoRNA with high quality, high yield, purity, and appropriate size distribution and perform detailed characterization. In order to systematically characterize the exosomal RNA profile, RNA sequencing analysis is necessary.

Fig 1. A case of exosomal RNA (ExoRNA) isolation. (Tang Y T, et al. 2017)Fig 1. A case of exosomal RNA (ExoRNA) isolation. (Tang Y T, et al. 2017)

Exosomes RNA Profiling Services

The key to exoRNA analysis is to isolate RNA from purified exosomal samples. Our exosomal RNA analysis service can be combined with sample exosome purification services to isolate exosomes from biological samples such as cell culture media (CCM), cerebrospinal fluid, and serum. Customers can choose our exosomes purification service to enrich the exosomes in their samples, or they can mail the purified exosomes to us. We will choose a suitable method to purify exosomes. Then, the quality of exosomes is identified by methods such as TEM to ensure the source of subsequent purification of exosomes. We provide a variety of exoRNA purification kit solutions for customers to choose from, such as Total Exosome RNA Isolation (TER), HiPure Liquid RNA/miRNA kit (HLR), miRNeasy or exoRNeasy. Then the RNA concentration, RNA yield and size distribution are evaluated for subsequent sequencing analysis.

Fig 2. Our exoRNA profiling service process. - Bio-microarrayFig 2. Our exoRNA profiling service process.

Exosomal RNA Sequencing Services

RNA sequencing technology can be used to study lncRNA and small sRNA biotypes. This service analyzes exoRNA recovered from samples through sequencing. The lncRNA sequencing service uses sequencing to analyze mRNA and long non-coding RNA. The basic process of the service is the pre-project planning and consulting, RNA extraction, library preparation, sequencing, original sequence reading and processing, and in-depth analysis of processed data. To support wet laboratory testing, we also provide thoroughly validated bioinformatics analysis and predictive modeling services to advance basic research, commercial drug and biomarker discovery, or companion diagnostic projects.

  • RNA Expression Profiles
  • Gene Ontology (GO) Analysis
  • Kyoto Encyclopaedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) Pathway Analysis
  • Differentially Expressed Genes (DEGs) Analysis

Fig 3. The workflow of exosomal RNA sequencing services. - Bio-microarrayFig 3. The workflow of exosomal RNA sequencing services.

Creative Bioarray provides sequencing and analysis services for exoRNA. This service can start from the isolation of exosomes or from exoRNA. You will benefit from our comprehensive exoRNA analysis solutions and RNA sequencing technology expertise. Our scientific team can work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs. If you are interested in our services or have any specific needs, please contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


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