Nutritional Function Evaluation of Living Cells

Creative Bioarray provides advanced evaluation services for the nutritional function of living cells. The core of this service is to use conditioned medium or collected cell culture components to analyze and reflect the functional status of cells, and to obtain knowledge of the differences in cell requirements for nutrients. We have established a mature agreement, and a variety of tested media formulations are used for this service. By assessing the metabolic status of cells and the intracellular requirements of nutrients, it is convenient for you to obtain more available knowledge related to research.

Nutritional Function Evaluation

The evaluation of the nutritional function of living cells is a useful method to assess the health and metabolism of cells. Many cell functions are affected by changes in nutritional status, such as immune cells. For primary cells or passage cells of different sources and tissues and some cell models, the evaluation of the nutritional function of living cells uses a series of molecular biology and cytology methods to achieve nutritional evaluation. The principle of this service is to evaluate the health of cells by assessing the level of cell metabolites or evaluating the function of related metabolic pathways. The core of our live-cell nutritional function assessment service is to design a specific medium using the principles of cell metabolism and to study the growth and functional status of the cells to be tested on the "designed" medium. These assessments include multiple levels of evaluation of cell growth, development, and fulfillment of functions.

 Suggested links between nutritional status, immune metabolism, and immune function. Fig 1. Suggested links between nutritional status, immune metabolism, and immune function. (Alwarawrah Y, et al. 2018)

Nutritional Status Assessment Services

Our live-cell nutritional function evaluation service is a service based on cell growth and metabolism evaluation of customized media. This service can help pharmaceutical companies find relevant knowledge about personalized medicine in the process of drug development, and it is helpful to understand the response of individual differences to drugs. We provide the following optional service sub-items, we provide a full set of packaged analysis services and selective single sub-services.

  • Basic Nutritional Metabolism Assessment

This service is mainly for component analysis of collected cell cultures, such as serum analysis.

  • Microelement Metabolism Assessment

This service is designed to assess the ability of micronutrients to be stored and utilized in cells. We use a series of conditioned media (by reducing or increasing the nutrients required for cell metabolism) to evaluate the content of cells for a set of selected vitamins and minerals and observe the functional status of the cells.

  • Energy Metabolism Assessment

Cells need energy to grow and divide. In all living organisms, from one cell to trillions of cells working together to perform the living organisms, the biological basis is energy. Our energy metabolism assessment part mainly assesses the metabolism and transcription of fat and glucose by cells, as well as the assessment of enzyme activity related to energy metabolism. At the same time, it can also evaluate the mitochondrial function and comprehensive antioxidant capacity of the cell, reflecting the metabolic health of the cell. You can choose a single-dimensional strategy or a comprehensive strategy.

  • Evaluation of Nutritional Status of Immune Cells

Various nutrients can change cell structure, cell metabolism and cell function, which is particularly important for cells of the immune system, because the availability of nutrients is related to the activation and function of different immune subgroups. Immune cell nutrition evaluation provides two-dimensional analysis, including immune function evaluation and evaluation of related trace elements (such as vitamins, minerals, etc.).

Application of cell nutrition analysis service.Fig 2. Application of cell nutrition analysis service.

Creative Bioarray provides services for cell nutrient metabolism and intracellular nutrient demand assessment. This service can help researchers acquire knowledge about the nutritional metabolism of cells and intracellular nutritional requirements, and help researchers improve efficiency. You will benefit from our technical expertise and customized experimental protocols to provide you with the highest quality solutions for cellular nutritional function evaluation. If you are interested in our services or have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.


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