Karyotyping and Chromosome Analysis Services

Creative Bioarray provides comprehensive karyotyping technical services. An important method for cell line characterization is karyotype analysis and chromosome analysis, whether it is the investigation of cell contamination or the development of new cell lines. This service provides a variety of technical options, customers can choose according to the analysis purpose or consult our experts.

Cytogenetics Methods and Cell Line Authentication

Researchers rely on cell lines as a model system for basic research, standards, and control. The most influential obstacle to cell culture is the contamination caused by the following reasons, including cross-contamination with other cell lines, chromosomal stability, and microbial contamination. As awareness of cell line contamination or misidentification increases, researchers are required to ensure the identity and purity of their cell lines. The most convenient method for the identification of potential cross-contamination of cell lines of different species is to combine karyotype analysis with microscopes of different resolutions. Cytogenetic methods offer the greatest hope for species verification because they are easy to use and cost-effective. In addition, karyotype and chromosome analysis also provide help for researchers in the development and establishment of new cell lines. Karyotyping methods that can be used for cell line development and identification include G-band karyotyping, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), spectral karyotyping (SKY), and comparative genomic hybridization (CGH). Our analysis platform can provide comprehensive karyotype and chromosome analysis solutions for cell line characterization.

Fig 1. A case of spectral karyotype analysis of a cell line. (Ruf-Zamojski F, et al. 2019)Fig 1. A case of spectral karyotype analysis of a cell line. (Ruf-Zamojski F, et al. 2019)

Cell Isolation Services

Our karyotype analysis service can help customers in the investigation of possible interspecies cross-contamination in cell lines and analysis of chromosome stability, and can also be used for cell line characterization in the development of new cell lines. Our service plan is mainly evaluated through a variety of cytogenetic methods to assist the laboratory's routine cell culture and preservation. Our experimental platform has complete microscopic imaging equipment, including various types of microscopes and spectral imaging equipment. One of the key aspects of cell line characterization in the development of new cell lines is karyotype analysis. The application of many new technologies and methods has accelerated the overall development of cell line characterization. At the same time, the service can also be used to help researchers troubleshoot the reasons why experimental results are not repeatable.

Our experienced experimental team can complete various experiments such as cell FISH analysis, SKY map, and CGH analysis.

  • High resolution G-bands analysis. For the development of metaphase chromosomes, our service can include the metaphase chromosome preparation process. Chromosomal abnormalities that can be checked include aneuploidy, inversion, duplication/deletion, and translocation (microscopic aberrations >5Mb).
  • Multicolor FISH analysis. Our cell multicolor FISH solution can be used to identify emerging small abnormal clones, complex chromosomal aberrations, partial trisomy, small marker chromosomes, and refine chromosomal breakpoints.
  • CGH analysis. We provide FISH-based comparative genomic hybridization analysis for routine chromosome analysis. In addition, our platform also provides advanced array comparative genome hybridization (aCGH) technical services. This is a high-resolution karyotyping method for detecting unbalanced structures and changes in chromosome values, with high-throughput capabilities. If you add some SNPs, it can also be used to analyze chromosomal abnormalities such as polyploidy, loss of heterozygosity, and uniparental disomy.

Fig 2. Featured karyotyping and chromosome analysis services. - Bio-microarrayFig 2. Featured karyotyping and chromosome analysis services.

Our Features

Sample types are live cell cultures and metaphase cell pellets

Chromosome analysis of at least 20 cells in each cell line;

High-quality karyotype analysis maps that meet publication requirements;

Creative Bioarray's multiple karyotyping and chromosome analysis technical services are designed to provide customers with high-quality chromosome maps. Our analysis platform has complete microscopic analysis equipment and imaging equipment. You will benefit from our rich karyotype analysis experience and equipment platform. If you are interested in our services or have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


  1. Ruf-Zamojski F, Ge Y, Pincas H, et al. Cytogenetic, genomic, and functional characterization of pituitary gonadotrope cell lines[J]. Journal of the Endocrine Society, 2019, 3(5): 902-920.
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