Custom Cell Culture Media Services

Creative Bioarray provides custom cell culture media services to meet the unique needs in cell culture applications, since catalog media do not always meet the requirements. We are committed to producing high quality cell culture media for biological research and pharmaceutical industry with fast turnaround time. No matter what kind of special medium you are looking for, we can provide made-to-order custom media according to your specific requirements. Almost any catalog media formulation can be customized. We can also help you evaluate and optimize the current cell media formulations in order to find just the right one for you. With our help, your ideas can be converted into reality.

Benefits of Customized Cell Culture Media

  • Traceable production process.
  • Most suitable products with best performance.
  • Clear and variable formula.
  • Improved manufacturability.
  • Easy to use.

Our Custom Cell Culture Media Capabilities

Customization of our catalog products

  • Add or remove components.
  • Modify the concentration.
  • Multiple variants of base media.
  • Custom packaging size and container.
  • Custom liquid or powder format.

Custom serum-free media

  • Free of serum, protein, and animal-derived components.
  • Highly suitable for large-scale cell culture.

Custom complete cell culture media

  • Add all the required components.
  • Ready-to-use and save time.

Custom cell culture media with new formulation

  • Composition Analysis.
  • Performance Test.

Cell culture media testing

  • Sterility, osmotic pressure and pH.
  • Cell viability, stability, behavior and productivity.

Cell culture media optimization

  • Formulation modification.
  • Performance modification.

Cell culture media manufacturing

  • Small batch customization.
  • Large-scale production.

Other customization possibilities

Our Custom Product Options

  • Mammalian cell culture media
  • Insect cell culture media
  • Immune cell culture media
  • Hybridoma cell culture media
  • Protein expression media
  • Transfection media
  • Human cell culture media
  • Stem cell culture media
  • Primary cell culture media
  • Cancer cell culture media
  • Virus production media
  • Other specialty media

Our Advantages

  • Experienced scientists
  • Well-equipped facilities
  • Strict quality control tests
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Simple quotation process
  • Quality raw materials
  • Reliable product consistency
  • Comprehensive performance tests
  • Competitive Price
  • Unlimited possibilities

Creative Bioarray responses with flexibility to meet the increasing demand of our customers. We can provide consistent product with specifications. Experienced scientists in our team will work with you to design the best formulation. We are the ideal partner for you to deliver high quality and most suitable products to meet your individual needs. Our professional team will help you solve any problems of cell culture media.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more information. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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