Northern & Southern Blot Hybridization Detection Services

Creative Bioarray provides Northern & Southern blotting and analysis services. This service can help researchers determine the plasmid copy number and restriction enzyme fragment analysis, genetic monitoring, mapping, and gene expression analysis in transfected cells. We have established mature solutions that can provide a fast and comprehensive analysis.

Northern & Southern Blot

The transfer of nucleic acids or proteins to the microporous membrane is called "blotting", and the term includes "spotting" (sample deposition) and transfers from a flat gel. Common blots in modern laboratories include Northern blots, Southern blots, and dot/slot blots. Nucleic acids are usually transferred from agarose gels to membrane supports (such as nitrocellulose or coated nylon membranes) by capillary action. Southern blotting (Southern) and Northern blotting (Northern) permanently bind nucleic acids to these membranes and hybridize with specific nucleic acid probes. These methods can provide critical information about gene expression and genome structure. Recombinant expression cell lines are commonly used in modern laboratory research and production of biologically active peptides, especially when used as human or animal drugs or biological preparations. Regulatory authorities require confirmation that the genomic DNA structure of the cell bank is stable and unchanged and that there is no clonal rearrangement. We provide comprehensive nucleic acid blotting services to analyze genes and their expression in cell banks.

Fig 1. Steps in the procedure for transferring DNA from an agarose gel strip to a hybridization membrane. (Southern E, et al. 2006)Fig 1. Steps in the procedure for transferring DNA from an agarose gel strip to a hybridization membrane. (Southern E, et al. 2006)

Southern Blotting Services

The general Southern blotting method is to transfer the sample DNA to a suitable membrane after restriction endonuclease digestion and gel electrophoresis, and use labeled specific nucleic acid fragments as probes for detection. Compared with molecular weight markers, Southern blotting can confirm the identity, size, and abundance of hybridized probe targets. The service process includes sample DNA extraction, restriction enzyme digestion, electrophoresis transfer membrane, probe hybridization, detection, and data analysis. Our Southern blot analysis can be used not only to determine the size distribution of residual DNA and the number of integration sites in each step of the biologics manufacturing process but also to support gene discovery and confirmation, gene mapping, evolution and development research.

Northern Blotting Services

Our Northern blot can be used to analyze gene expression patterns in cell banks and detect the presence of expression of transcripts containing target sequences (introduced fragments). This service can be performed after Southern analysis or separately. The advantage of this method is that it can estimate the size of the transcript and indicate the presence of part of the transcript. The service process includes total RNA extraction, electrophoresis transfer, probe hybridization, visualization, and data analysis. The final result analysis report issued by us includes Northern blot images, film, transcript size analysis, etc.

Northern & Southern Blot Hybridization Detection ServicesFig 2. Application of nucleic acid blotting method.

Creative Bioarray provides comprehensive nucleic acid blotting services. Our Northern & Southern Blotting technical service is designed to help customers analyze integrated fragments of cells and transcriptome analysis of genes. For cells that customers can submit, we use "blotting" technology to characterize DNA and/or RNA. Our scientific team will quickly analyze the samples for you. If you are interested in our services, please contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


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