Cell Cryopreservation and Cell Banking Services

Creative Bioarray provides cell cryopreservation and cell banking services for various types of cells. We provide safe and reliable high capacity storage for all of your cell lines. Complete supporting facilities provide secure storage environment. We also supply cell freezing media and reagents to meet your daily cell preservation needs.

Cell Cryopreservation Services

Cell Cryopreservation Services

Cell Cryopreservation is the process of freezing cells at extreme temperatures. The most commonly used is in liquid nitrogen, which temperature is -196°C/-321°F. In theory, this cryopreservation method can make it possible to preserve living cells for centuries.

Sufficiently low temperature can effectively stop biological activity and any damage to cells caused by the enzyme and biochemical reactions, such as DNA degradaion and cell death. The purpose of cell cryopreservation is to maintain the survival of cells both at extreme temperatures and after thawing back to physiological conditions.

The biggest challenge is to control the formation of intracellular ice crystals during freezing, so as to reduce additional damage, keep the integrity of cell membrane and maintain cell alive. Freezing rate and freezing medium are two crucial elements. The choice of the most suitable protocol and cyoprotectant for different cells and species is important for the preservation result.

Creative Bioarray provides cell cryopreservation and remote back-up services. We have automated cryogenic refrigeration equipment and alarm system to ensure the safety storage of cells. All you need is to send the cells you want to preserve to us, and our scientists will ensure that you can get healthy living cells without any contamination whenever you need.

Cell Banking Services

Cell Banking Services

Cell banks are used to store cells for the future use in products or medical needs. Cryopreservation is the traditional method used in cell banks. Cell bank can be divided into primary cell bank (PCB), master cell bank (MCB) and working cell banks (WCB).

Cell bank is widely used in the field of stem cell research and pharmaceuticals. Storage cells, expecially stem cells, can provide therapeutic cellular products for a variety of clinical applications. Cell banks can also provide a stable and uniform source of stable cell lines and hybridoma cells for monoclonal antibody production and protein purification.

Cell bank provides a low-cost alternative to keep cells in culture. It can help mitigate cross-contamination of a cell line and reduce the cost of cell culture process. Over time, cell bank can also effectively reduce the frequency cell samples diversifying from natural cell divisions.

Creative Bioarray provides reliable cell banking services to meet all your demands and support your research. Two-tiered system consisting MCB and WCB is recommended to preserve one cell sample. Before starting cell banking, cells are extensively tested for contamination, viability, genetic stability and authenticity. Cell banks will be stored in at least two individual areas to avoid loss of the cell line. Great care will be taken while developing cell banks to ensure the quality of the cells. We can also help you characterize cell bank to ensure the biosafety and control of biological and biotechnological products upon your request.

Our Advantages

  • Complete supporting facilities
  • Various cell types
  • Remote alarm and monitoring systems
  • Regulatory technical standards
  • Strict qualify control
  • Clear documentation and tracible records

Creative Bioarray provides complete cell cryopreservation and cell banking services to help you simplify testing and shortening the turnaround time of your research and manufacture. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us to discuss your cell cryopreservation and cell banking demands.


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