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As one of the world’s largest independent biotechnology companies, Creative Bioarray has a series of advanced technologies for stable cell line construction and rich experience in cell culture. We can provide reliable custom cell line services of various cell types based on our proprietary expression vector, efficient gene screening and amplification system, high throughput cell screening technologies and comprehensive development capabilities. We have successfully developed a variety of customized cell lines for our customers all over the world, including but not limited to gene overexpression cell lines, gene knockdown cell lines, gene knockout cell lines, gene modification cell lines, and reporter cell lines. We offer high quality, fast turnaround and cost-effective stable cell lines to meet your specific needs of different applications, so as to help you in the research of gene function and expression regulation mechanism or assist you in new drug development.

Stable cell lines, which can stably express interested molecules or protein under controlled level, are important for biological and pharmaceutical research and development. Currently, stable cell lines have been widely used in various research applications, including protein manufacturing, the production of therapeutic or experimental protein (e.g. recombinant antibody), screening of experimental drugs, functional study of genes, assay development, etc. Especially for clinical use, produce target molecules with a qualified stable cell line can contribute to an increased acceptability and reliability. However, the development and production of a qualified stable cell line is a complex and time-consuming challenge, which requiring extensive experience and technique. Creative Bioarray is just able to relieve our customers from this tedious work by our relevant services.

Representative illustration of cell line development scheme. (Noh, S. M., et al. 2013)
Figure 1. Representative illustration of cell line development scheme. (Noh, S. M., et al., 2013)

Our Advantages

  • We are committed to improving efficiency, and providing high-quality and efficient custom cell line services as we know how precious time is to scientific research.
  • Our cell lines can be directly applied to a variety of downstream biological research, including gene regulation, protein engineering, recombinant antibody preparation, drug development, etc.
  • Our services are able to cover all your needs in the aspects of fundamental research, protein/antibody production, and pharmacy.

Creative Bioarray has extensive experience in the field of cell culture and custom cell line generation. Contact us and let us know your specific requirements for custom cell lines and help accelerate your research and development.


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