Cell Sequencing Services

Creative Bioarray has built a comprehensive sequencing service platform that can be used for cell line characterization. This platform can realize DNA and RNAsequencing analysis, helping researchers and biopharmaceutical companies to obtain the sequencing analysis results of cell lines. Our comprehensive sequencing platform aims to provide comprehensive technical methods for cell line characterization, allowing customers to enjoy one-stop technical services.

Sequencing Technology and Cell Line Characterization

Cell Sequencing Services

The latest scientific discoveries resulting from the application of next-generation DNA sequencing technologies highlight the significant impact of these massively parallel platforms on genetics and its sub-discipline cytogenetics. These new methods extend previously focused reads from various DNA preparation protocols to genome-wide scale and fine-tune their resolution to single-base accuracy. RNA sequencing has also changed and now includes full-length cDNA analysis, sequence analysis based on gene expression (SAGE) methods, and non-coding RNA (lncRNA, miRNA, siRNA, circRNA) discovery. In addition to providing convenience for basic research, the development of next-generation sequencing also helps companies that use biopharmaceuticals to produce bioactive peptides. Our cell sequencing service provides a competitive analysis method for cell line characterization.

Cell Isolation Services

Regulatory agencies need manufacturers to provide highly confirmed cell line characteristics, including its source and history, clonality, cell morphology and growth characteristics, cell line purity and genetic stability. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure the safety, reproducibility and efficacy of products produced by cells. The whole genome characterization of the cell line supports its identity and clonality and ensures the long-term beneficial development of production. Our cell sequencing service uses a variety of sequencing platforms to identify the presence, absence or prevalence of SNPs, so as to be able to identify the different strains and lineages that may exist in the cell line, and now analyze the genome and transcription. Through the sequencing service, customers can complete the identification of the integrated sequence, the precise sequence of the plasmid fragment integrated into the cell line, and the rearrangement or copy through deep sequencing, providing strong evidence for the cloning and verification of product quality during the production process.

Available Sequencing Services

Gene integration assay. Analyze the transgene insertion site by sequencing to characterize the integrated genome.

Transcriptome sequencing assay. Sequencing is used to identify all mRNA transcripts expressed in biological samples and accurately measure the relative number of each transcript, including each isotype with different splicing patterns.

Amplicon sequencing assay. Amplicon sequencing is a highly targeted method that enables researchers to analyze genetic variations in specific regions of the genome. Ultra-deep sequencing of PCR products (amplicons) enables efficient variant identification and characterization. This method uses oligonucleotide probes designed to target and capture regions of interest, followed by next-generation sequencing.

Small genome sequencing assay. Characterize bacterial cell lines and viral genomes through sequencing, as well as other small genomes including plasmids.

Virus contamination assay. Analyze the sequence of various viruses (such as dsDNA virus) through sequencing to test potential viral contaminants in cell substrates and biological products.

Fig 1. Sequencing service platform for cell characterization. - Bio-microarrayFig 1. Sequencing service platform for cell characterization.

Creative Bioarray's cell sequencing service has opened 5 available service options, aiming to provide multi-angle sequencing analysis of the genome and transcriptome of cells and plasmids. Customers can choose one or more of these services according to their actual needs, and our expert team will also provide you with technical support services. If you need our scientists to assist you in the judgment of cell line characterization, please inform us of your needs, and we will design a solution that suits your needs for you.

If you are interested in our services or have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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