Immune Cell Function Assay

If you have a need to determine the function of immune cells in a sample in your research field, then we will provide you with a comprehensive solution. Creative Bioarray can separate and evaluate immune cells from different samples. We have established a mature agreement to provide an evaluation program with a fast turnaround time according to your requirements and perform a functional evaluation of specific subgroups of immune cells. Our immune cell function analysis platform can provide comprehensive technical support and services for immune cell separation, clustering, and functional evaluation of customer samples.

Comprehensive immune cell function analysis solution.Fig 1. Comprehensive immune cell function analysis solution. 

This service provides customers with solutions that can realize the functional analysis of immune cells directly from isolated samples, frozen samples, and stimulated samples. We have built a complete immune cell molecular analysis platform that can analyze the expression of functional cytokines and various proteins of immune cells. At the same time, this service can also realize the evaluation of the gene expression of immune cell function products, including the analysis of protein components such as cytokines and antibodies and the level of gene expression.

Immune Cell Function Evaluation and Characterizations

The mechanism research and therapy development of immunology in the fields of biology and medical research provide diversified information. Our immune cell function analysis service can quantify cell health, activity and immune mediators. Through some molecular biology techniques such as flow cytometry, ELISA, and live cell imaging, the research of cancer, immune dysfunction and infectious diseases usually requires optimization, monitoring and phenotypic characterization of cell subpopulations in in vitro models. . At the same time, it can also analyze the expression of related cytokines in immune cells. Evaluation and characterization of immune cells from cultured cells and tissue samples can directly provide researchers with key information or assist in verifying hypotheses. Improve your efficiency by using automated live cell and flow cytometry detection, instruments and user-friendly software to simplify your hard work and guide you to the next steps.

  • T Cell Assays

T cell activation and proliferation are the basis for regulating the effect and degree of immune response. Our service can realize the key functions of grouping, evaluation and quantification of T cells, such as activation and clustering, cytokine production, and analysis of complex cytokines.

  • B Cell Assays

B cell activation and proliferation are essential for the secretion of antibodies in the adaptive immune response. Our service can realize the key functions of grouping, evaluation and quantification of TB cells, such as activation and clustering, antibody internalization analysis and analysis of related gene expression.

  • Macrophages Cell Assays

Macrophages play a key role in immune regulation and are the core of host defense, with clearance and phagocytosis. This service can inquire about macrophage function, assess morphology and surface markers to study cell differentiation, chemotaxis, phagocytosis and endocytosis.

  • Neutrophils Cell Assays

Neutrophils, an important member of the innate immune system, are the first line of defense at the site of infection. Characterizing the functions of neutrophils is important for studying host defense and immune functions. Our service can evaluate the chemotaxis, phagocytosis and differentiation of neutrophils.

  • Natural Killer (NK) Cell Assays

NK cells are important soldiers in immune surveillance, and evaluation of NK cells is essential to make full use of their immune response potential. Our service can evaluate NK cells, including immunophenotyping analysis, functional activity evaluation, cell viability, and analysis of cytolytic effector proteins, cytokines and chemokines.

Subpopulations of immune cells that can be analyzed for function.Fig 2. Subpopulations of immune cells that can be analyzed for function.

Creative Bioarray provides a comprehensive selection of immune cell function analysis services to help us gain more knowledge in immune analysis. You will benefit from our technical expertise and comprehensive analytical facility platform. If you are interested in our services or have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


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