Cell Metabolite Testing Services

Creative Bioarray can analyze cell metabolite maps and help researchers comprehensively understand the biological events that occur with cells. This service uses mass spectrometry to structure the collected cell pellets and screen out more specific representative candidates. We have a mature metabolomics analysis solution that can provide you with corresponding results in a short period of time.

Cell Metabolomics

Metabolomics represents the global quantitative assessment of metabolites in biological systems. The renaissance of interest and concern for cell metabolism has largely evolved from contemporary developments and advances in molecular biology, genetics, and proteomics. Contemporary advances in genetics, proteomics, molecular biology, molecular technology, nanotechnology, computers and other analytical methods have prompted the emergence of metabolomics in the study of molecular mechanisms. Metabolic analysis of cell culture has many potential applications and advantages compared with some traditional cell line testing methods. The metabolite concentration represents a sensitive marker of genomic and phenotypic changes. Therefore, the development of a powerful metabolomics platform will greatly promote the various applications of cell culture-such as the understanding of the in vitro and in vivo effects of drugs. In addition, metabolomics analysis of cell lines can provide information independently or in combination with other omics measurements, which is essential to achieve system-level analysis and modeling. Metabolomics information related to specific cell types under different conditions is essential for a more comprehensive understanding of cell characteristics and functions and the development of drugs and markers for specific cell phenotypes. The data provided by the metabolic analysis of a single cell can supplement the results of the entire system.

Overview of the interactions between different 'omic's within a cell.
Fig 1. Overview of the interactions between different 'omic's within a cell. (Khoo S H G, et al. 2007)

Cell Metabolite Analysis Services

Metabolomics analysis can greatly help other cell culture studies to interpret various results. Focusing on the metabolic characteristics of the entire organism provides relevant information about specific cell types under different conditions, which is essential for a more comprehensive understanding of cell characteristics and functions. Our cell metabolism analysis service aims to use metabolomics-related analysis technologies to analyze the metabolites or metabolic pathways that customers are interested in or choose, and to obtain relevant knowledge. Our cell metabolite analysis services usually include sample preparation and extraction, low-weight metabolite metabolism profiles based on MS or NMR spectroscopy, bioinformatics data analysis and metabolite identification (screening of biomarkers or targets). We provide selectable lipid metabolism maps, carbohydrate metabolism maps and other trace metabolism maps. Customers need to mail the collected cell lysate or supernatant under the guidance of our technicians.

Standardized cell metabolite analysis service workflow Fig 2. Standardized cell metabolite analysis service workflow.

Creative Bioarray provides cell metabolite profiling and target screening services. This service can be aimed at the analysis of cell metabolism after genetically modified cells or drug interference. The metabolic profile obtained is useful for understanding the corresponding genomics, transcriptomics and cellular events. The core of your service lies in the in-depth mining of activity data and screening of potential targets. Our scientific team helps you acquire the most comprehensive knowledge of cell metabolomics. If you have cell metabolite analysis needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


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