Large-Scale Cell Culture Services

Creative Bioarray has a mature cell separation protocol that can successfully isolate and culture various types of cells from different species for bioassay, production and therapeutic applications. We have established a mature agreement to provide large-scale cell culture services with fast turnaround time.

About Large-Scale Cell Culture Technology

Large-scale animal cell culture technology refers to the technology of high-density and large-scale cultivation of animal cells in a bioreactor to produce biological products under artificial conditions. Mammalian cells provide a good production system for complex biological products that require proper post-translational processing and folding. Generally speaking, the types of cells used for large-scale culture can be divided into two categories: cells that can grow in suspension (not dependent on anchoring) and cells that require physical support for growth (rely on anchoring). Many cell lines are available for production purposes and come from a variety of sources, thus exhibiting various growth and production characteristics. At present, large-scale cultured animal cells that are widely used in the production include CHO cells, Vero cells, etc., and have successfully produced products including vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and other products.

Large scale technologies.Fig 1. Large scale technologies. (Faria-Bellani C, et al. 2020)

Large-Scale Cell Culture Services

We will cultivate mammalian cells for the production of biological products or harvest a large number of cells. Our large-scale cell culture services can be used to transition to industrial scale production. The strategy adopted by this service to produce a large number of cells is mainly to scale up and scaling-out, including batch culture, fed-batch culture (fed-batch culture), semi-continuous culture and continuous culture. These strategies help shift production from laboratory scale to industrial production. As the number of cells increases, our scale-up system can gradually increase the surface area/culture volume, providing you with optional Scale-up and Scale-out. In addition, we also provide industrial-grade large-scale cell culture for production services. Our industrial-grade large-scale cell culture includes optional shaking bioreactors, stirred tank bioreactors and hollow fiber bioreactors. Our optional service model:

  • Roller bottle culture

Cultivation of suspended or adherent cells in roller bottles can produce up to 10L. The harvested product is a supernatant containing biological products, or it can provide researchers with cell pellets.

  • CelLine culture flask culture

Adherent or suspended cells can be grown in CelLine flasks. This protocol can choose semi-continuous and continuous culture methods to harvest products.

  • Hollow fiber bioreactor

This method of culturing cells is the best when it is necessary to produce antibodies or recombinant proteins. This agreement adopts a continuous training method. The protein produced in the hollow fiber bioreactor is generally more uniform and of higher quality than the protein produced in other systems. At the same time, the hollow fiber tube can be used continuously.

Our large-scale cell culture service process.Fig 2. Our large-scale cell culture service process.

Creative Bioarray provides multiple choices of cell culture services from basic culture to large-scale cell culture to help our customers reduce costs. We provide a variety of reagents and consumables for cell screening, separation, identification and culture. You will benefit from our technical expertise and advanced facilities. Our scientific team will work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs.

If you are interested in our services or have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


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