Cell Culture Services

Cell Culture is the process to grow cells isolated from living tissue under carefully controlled conditions in vitro. Cells can be cultured on a substrate (adherent culture) or grown free-floating in the culture medium (suspension culture). The basic conditions needed for cell culture include suitable vessels, appropriate media, and adjustable physio-chemical environment. The culture conditions vary for each cell type.

With extensive experience and advanced platform, Creative Bioarray provides a full range of cell culture services.

Basic and Large-Scale Cell Culture Cell-Culture-Services

Basic and Large-Scale Cell Culture Services

We have extensive experience to provide basic and large-scale cell culture services for almost all the cell types to support cell research and biomanufacturing. Our featured services include primary cell isolation and culture, stem cell isolation and culture, blood cell isolation and culture, and hybridoma cell culture.

3D Cell Culture Services

3D Cell Culture Services

3D cell culture is a technique to artificially create an environment close to the living conditions in vivo, which can permit cells to grow or interact with their surroundings in all three dimensions. We can provide ready-to-use 3D cell cultures generated from both mono-cell type and multi-cell types by using either scaffold-based or scaffold-free 3D culture strategies.

Cell Co-Culture Services

Cell Co-Culture Services

Co-culturing allows multiple cell types to be cultured together to test the impact of one culture system on another. Creative Bioarray' scientists have extensive experience in using various primary cell and cell line co-culture systems to test the effects of test compounds on certain cell types.

Cell Line Adaptation Services

Cell Line Adaptation Services

Cells usually need to undergo an adaptation process to recover from the initial shock. The method used for cell line adaptation is essential for successful cell culture. We can help you accomplish this step to eliminate your worries. Our capabilities enable us to ensure that the fully adapted cells can be used for subsequent research.

Cell Immortalization Services

Cell Cryopreservation and Cell Banking Services

Compared with constant culture, cryopreserved stock of cells that can be regenerated at will has many advantages. Our cryopreservation and cell line banking systems use suitable combinations of cryoprotectants and cooling regimes to guarantee successful cryopreservation of cells. All cell lines are certified free of mycoplasma and bacterial contamination.

Cell Line Adaptation Services

Custom Cell Culture Media Services

Catalogue cell culture media do not always meet specific experimental requirements. In this case, it is necessary to formulate and develop a customized solution. With years of experience and extensive product development expertise, our formulations staff are able to develop tailor-made solutions to support your unique cell isolation and cell culture needs.

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