Fetal Bovine Serum, Dialyzed, Heat Inactivated, USA Origin,

Synonym: FBS, FCS

Product Code: S036

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S036-50 mL 50 mL Online Inquiry
S036-100 mL 100 mL Online Inquiry
S036-500 mL 500 mL Online Inquiry
Origin: USA
Treatment: Heat Inactivated
Product Size: 50 mL, 100 mL, 500 mL
Storage Conditions: Sera should be stored at -20°C or lower. Once thawed, sera should be stored at 2° to 8°C.
Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
Sterility Testing: Pass
Quality and Performance Testing: Pass
Form: Liquid
Fetal bovine serum contains a large number of nutritional and macromolecular factors essential for cell growth. It is widely used in a range of applications. One of its primary uses is as commonly used supplements for cell culture medium. FBS contains growth factors, proteins, vitamins, hormones and many other molecules. These molecules play an important role in the growth and maintenance of cells. FBS also contains many small molecules, such as amino acids, sugars and lipids. FBS can protect cells from oxidative damage and apoptosis by delivering growth promoting and survival enhancing factors. In addition to used as supplements, FBS can also be used in the research, manufacture and control of vaccines and drugs, as well as in stopping of trypsin digestion or as a protectant in cryopreservation.
FBS sourced in the United States is suitable for the cultivation of various cell types.
Heat inactivation is accomplished by exposing the serum to a temperature of 56 ° C for 30 minutes under controlled conditions.
Dialyzed FBS contains reduced concentration of low molecular weight components, including nucleotides, hormones, amino acids and small proteins.
For research use only. Not for any other purpose.




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