Interleukins (IL)

Product Code Product Name Source Price
GFC0072 Human IL10 CHO Online Inquiry
GFC0073 Human IL10, animal component-free E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0074 Mouse IL10 CHO Online Inquiry
GFC0075 Human IL11 E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0076 Mouse IL11 E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0077 Human IL12 HEK293 Online Inquiry
GFC0078 Mouse IL12 HEK293 Online Inquiry
GFC0079 Human IL13 E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0080 Mouse IL13 E. coli Online Inquiry
GFC0081 Mouse IL15 E. coli Online Inquiry
For research use only. Not for any other purpose.




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