DMEM/F-12 - Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium: Nutrient Mixture F-12

DMEM/F-12 is a 1:1 mixture of DMEM and Ham’s F-12 medium. This formulation combines DMEM’s high concentrations of glucose, vitamins and amino acids with Ham’s F-12’s additional components. Creative Bioarray can provide you various DMEM/F-12 medium with different HEPES concentration, with or without phenol red, as liquid or powder.

Product Name Product Code Product Size Sterility Testing Form Price
DMEM/F-12, w/ Dextrose, w/ L-Glutamine, w/o Sodium Bicarbonate, w/ Sodium Pyruvate, Powder M0062 1 L, 10 L, 10 × 1 L Non-Sterile Powder Online Inquiry
For research use only. Not for any other purpose.




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