Comprehensive Products Comprehensive Products
Comprehensive Products

A wide range of products to meet all your needs in the field of biological products.

Professional Cytologists Professional Cytologists
Professional Cytologists

A team of professional cytologists provides you with tailor-made cell culture solutions.

Consistent Results Consistent Results
Consistent Results

High-quality products with good consistency and reliable services with reproducible results.

About Us About Us

About Us

Creative Bioarray is a leading biological company specialized in providing high-quality cell culture supplies for researchers and manufacturers worldwide.

With a deep understanding of cell culture solutions and a focus on biomanufacturing, the company has established itself as a trusted partner for pharmaceutical industries, academic & research institutions, and biotechnology & bioprocessing companies.

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Cell Culture Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Cell Culture Solutions for Your Unique Needs Bioprocessing Media Cell Therapy Products Cytokines

Bioprocessing Media

A broad range of chemically defined, animal component-free media and reduced serum medium for life science research, development, and industrial applications.

Chemically defined media can be used to support bioproduction applications such as protein, antibody, and vaccine production, as well as cell therapy and gene therapy.

Cell Therapy Products

SuperEXP® cell therapy system offers a broad range of first-rate products designed for use in cell therapy research applications, including selection beads and devices, media, reagents, cytokines, enzymes, and antibodies, which are manufactured in compliance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

From CAR-T cells, NK cells, and DC cells to pluripotent stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and neural stem cells, let us help you get your therapy to market.


Research-grade and GMP-grade cytokines with high purity, high bioactivity, high batch-to-batch consistency, and high stability.

Our products can assist a wide range of life science research areas such as cell therapy, inflammation regulation, immune regulation, cell proliferation, and cell culture, etc.

About Us About Us

Our Highlight Products and Services

Creative Bioarray is a leading biological company specializing in providing high-quality cell culture supplies for researchers and manufacturers worldwide. Our team provides technical expertise and comprehensive customer support, helping clients optimize their cell culture processes.

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100% Quality Guarantee

100% Quality Guarantee

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Worldwide Delivery

Global Presence

Expert Technical Support

Expert Technical Support




As a pioneer of biotechnology, Creative Bioarray has developed into a leading biotechnology company in the world. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative high-quality products and services through discovering, developing, and manufacturing.

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